I live in Seattle, the second biggest tech hub in the USA. You can only imagine how many of the residents here work in "tech". Stocks, Amazon, Microsoft, signing bonuses, IPOs, new startups....What always drives me crazy is how tech employees feel that leaving hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in stocks, is somehow safer than investing in real estate. I believe that real estate is the safer and many times, the more profitable option. Here is why:

You cannot control the value of stock, but you can control the value of real estate. You can do this by adding value such as; increasing square footage, enhancing the finish quality or adding a new deck, increasing the vacancy rate, or adding a 2nd level, a new bathroom, or a new kitchen or both. You can force the appreciation of your property in many cases, given you choose the right property.

Historically the value of real estate has always gone up, and is guaranteed to keep rising unless people start moving to mars.

The ROI on real estate can be multiplied by 5 by simply using a loan with 20% down. You cannot do that with stocks.

You can live in any one of your real estate properties. You cannot live in stocks.

You can cashflow with real estate, while having an appreciating asset, rents will increase, and the property will appreciate, passive income is the way to go.

I agree that diversifying your investments is a must. But my point is, real estate is safe and profitable place to invest your money. Don't be afraid of what you don't know and risk ending up only investing in stocks. Give me a call or shoot me a message, let's chat. I am never too busy for a real estate conversation.